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History of the Band

The Dunakanyar Fúvósegyüttes (Danube Bend Wind Ensemble) came into being in 1978 out of the students of the Areal Music School in Szob. In the beginning, the repertoire of the band consisted of traditional brass band pieces: marches, polkas, waltzes, then throughout the years, parallel with the musical development of the students, it has been completed with the compositions of contemporary Hungarian composers and arrangements of classical, jazz and pop music pieces. There are 40 members in the band who are all former or present students of the music school.

Since its formation, the band has actively taken part in the cultural life of the Danube Bend with its concerts and contributions to various events. The inhabitants of the nearby settlements (Verőce, Kismaros, Zebegény, Szob, Visegrád) are fond of our appearances because brass music has a long tradition here. German ethnic brass music is especially popular. Nursing the traditions and getting people to like live music are important duties for which it is a good example that the band regularly accompanies the traditional dance group of Kismaros and the majorette group of Szob.

Our brass band has taken part in nationwide qualifications three times; first in 1984, second time in 1988. It gained Gold Diploma on both occasions. In 1997, it gained the Gold Diploma in the category of concert brass bands and the Outstanding Gold Diploma in the category of show bands. The work of the band has been appreciated by famous juries on several festivals and meetings.

In 1988, it was the first time that the band travelled to abroad to Bad-Friedrichshall , Germany at the invitation of the music school of Duttenberg . A close friendship was formed between the two bands, which resulted in other invitations in 1990 then in 1992 and 1995 as well. The tours in 1993 on the island of Sardinia at the invitation of the music association of the town of Sinnai then in the summer of 1996 in Orleans and in the autumn of 1996 in Hohenmölsen , Germany were all special experiences for us. The last time the band went to abroad was in 1999 when we travelled to Székelyudvarhely, Transylvania .

It has already been four years since we started two outstanding events: the carnival concerts in Nagymaros and Szob which have always been of great interest and were recorded in the last three years and the summer brass band festivals, which we could organize in Nagymaros and then in Szob in the first two years. We invited guest bands to these festivals; they came from Dány, Kunszentmárton, Dunabogdány, Szentendre, Csolnok and Slovakia . In this year, the brass band from Nemesócsa , Slovakia was our guest. In order to create a tradition, we would like to organize these successful concerts and meetings of the past years in the future as well.

The Dunakanyar Fúvósegyüttes celebrated its 25-year-long existence in 2003. This important anniversary is thought-provoking and urges us to make a short summary. The achievements of the past years can be seen from the history of the band. The band, which works actively even nowadays, learns new pieces, rehearses, gives concerts and is full of plans, ideas and tasks.

It is due to lots of people and things that it functions; to its founder and conductor, József Mayer, who heads the band with his professional and human qualities. Besides him, her wife Mrs Mayer and the president of the association, Gyula Várda help our work. We owe thanks to the former and present members of the band, who set aside time for music, friendship and entertainment of others and themselves. We also owe thanks to our supporters who financially and humanly helped our activity in the past and hopefully, will do so in the future as well.

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Time and Place of the rehearsals:
Every Friday evening in the cultural centre in Nagymaros


Dunakanyar Fúvósegyüttes
2626 Nagymaros, Fő tér 14.

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Veresegyház és Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet 66000114-11080563, Dunakanyar Fúvósegyüttes